Professional or Home Barista Training & Coaching


Training Includes:

  • Seven core units and a bonus elective unit
  • 3.5 hours of combined theory & practice
  • Choice of professional or BYO equipment
  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Milk, coffee and sundries provided
  • Barista Handbook to keep
  • Certificate of Competency for completion 

Core Units

  • Grinder operation basics – theory and practical
  • Dosing quantities, distribution and methods
  • Tamping methods and theory
  • Machine basics, preparation & clean up
  • Espresso extraction - Guidelines and practices
  • Basic milk preparation – volume, texture, and temperature
  • Pouring milk and presentation 

Elective Units

  • Freestyle preparation of espresso drinks
  • Understanding blends, single origins, and decaf
  • Mini roasting tour and demonstration
  • Alternate milk preparation
  • Customer assistance and preparing coffee orders
  • Preparation and service of standard menu items


  • $170 Exclusive training and practice session
  • Student concession price $130
  • Complimentary training for wholesale clients